Parc Fermé's vast knowledge of prestige and high performance cars has naturally resulted in the supply to the region of some of the most innovative aftermarket products available anywhere in the world, all of which are available to existing and future clients.
Only products that actually benefit your car and your pocket are supplied, having been tested and proven in the most extreme conditions, such as motorsport and military use.


A revolutionary product, Evans coolant is a water less liquid that lasts the life of your car's engine. And, if you've ever suffered the horrendous effects of a blown cylinder head gasket through engine overheating, or have ever been scalded by steam escaping from the coolant filler cap of a hot engine, you'll know about the limitations of using water as a coolant. Put simply, you need to know about Evans.



Terra-Clean is a technology developed by a group of scientists in Canada, who were commissioned by the Canadian government to develop a zero emissions engine. They did manage to achieve this goal but the costs of implementing the science they had developed was prohibitive when it came to production.



  • For peace of mind and convenience Parc Fermé has been a great discovery for me. I have used the services of Motaz and his team to care for my car twice so far while working abroad during the Dubai summer months.

    - Liam Creaven -

  • Thank you Mr. Motaz. Seriously, it's outstanding the way you guys handle and receive vehicles from clients – it's really professional and we'll definitely be doing more business together in the future.

    - Mr. Masih -

  • The serenity I have while traveling knowing that my car is in professional caring hands is priceless. Thank you Parc Fermé.

    - B.G. -

  • I've been very happy with the levels of service and professionalism offered by Parc Fermé.  Responsiveness is excellent and they can't do enough to help. It's definitely worth the money.

    - Graham -

  • I used Parc Fermé last summer to protect my car from Dubai's punishing heat. The experience was absolutely first class from start to finish. They have a great facility and a team that has a true passion for cars. Highly recommend them.

    - RK -

  • Parc Fermé took EXCELLENT care of my vehicle.  They have truly top-notch customer service, outstanding people, and outstanding facilities.  They are a joy to work with - very professional, responsive and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them.

    - Tom C. -

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