A revolutionary product, Evans coolant is a water less liquid that lasts the life of your car's engine. And, if you've ever suffered the horrendous effects of a blown cylinder head gasket through engine overheating, or have ever been scalded by steam escaping from the coolant filler cap of a hot engine, you'll know about the limitations of using water as a coolant. Put simply, you need to know about Evans.

Water is an excellent fluid for cooling while in a liquid state, but when it turns to steam it has virtually no capacity for heat transfer. Evans is a superior fluid for transferring heat in engines because it remains in a liquid state until above 180°C – nearly twice the temperature water boils at.

Within an engine cooling system, the hottest surfaces are those adjacent to the combustion chamber, specifically the cylinder liners and cylinder head. In these hot spots water is likely to vapourise, preventing efficient cooling and causing loss of performance and unnecessary engine damage. When the coolant fails in this way, the engine becomes even hotter, causing more hot spots and more steam.


Evans waterless coolants will not boil around these engine hotspots, maintaining efficient cooling performance even when the engine is operating under extreme conditions. When water turns to steam it pressurises the cooling system putting strain on hoses and other components. The significantly higher boiling point of Evans coolants means 75% less pressure than water resulting in a less stressed cooling system and a longer life for things like water pumps and hoses.

The other downside to using water is that it contains oxygen, which causes corrosion and also allows electrolytic activity, which further damages engine metals, which you can see when a car’s coolant is drained – it’s that brownish sludge and it really shouldn’t be there. Evans waterless coolants eliminate corrosion and electrolytic activity, significantly increasing the life of the engine.

Putting Evans into your engine’s coolant system instead of water and regular coolant is one of the very best moves for your car and your wallet. It’s a one-time treatment that, once it’s done, means there’s one less thing to worry about and manufacturers are now starting to see the benefits of fitting it at the very beginning. It’s been tried and tested in the highest levels of motorsport and the construction industry, meaning it’s more than up to the job of working in your car, whatever it might be.


Terra-Clean is a technology developed by a group of scientists in Canada, who were commissioned by the Canadian government to develop a zero emissions engine. They did manage to achieve this goal but the costs of implementing the science they had developed was prohibitive when it came to production.



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