Up to four monthly starts are available, when your engine is warmed through to its optimum operating temperature. This ensures continuous good health and our monthly reports detail exactly when it was run and for how long.


A full sanitisation process for your vehicle’s interior is available, where every surface “no matter how remote or difficult to reach” is thoroughly cleansed before you take delivery. As fresh as the day it was made, isn’t that a relief?


Just because a vehicle is not in use, it doesn’t mean its tyres can become a mere afterthought. Our regular, scheduled inspections, rotations and pressure checks are detailed in monthly reports and provide total peace of mind.


Available on request, trickle charging causes your vehicle’s battery to go through a continuous cycle of use while its engine is off. This means your battery is always fully charged and ready for action when you want it back on the road.


If a car isn’t used for more than a couple of weeks, its tyres begin to develop invisible “flat spots”, which cause vibrations felt when driving. Our state-of-the-art cradles, however, allow your car to literally take the weight off its feet.

At Parc Fermé your vehicle is tended to by experts in every aspect of maintenance – inside and out, it gets loving care and attention when and where it’s needed.

Parc Fermé was born out of a desire to create not only a safe place for owners to store their high value vehicles, but also a place to handle all of the other needs one might encounter pertaining to their luxury or antique automobiles. From engineering and maintenance, detailing and body work to vehicle restoration and storage (and everything in between), you can rest assured knowing that your car is in the best of hands in our state of the art, temperature controlled facility.

Founder and CEO Motaz Abu-Hileh leverages his professional experience within the aeronautical field as a high-ranking Emirates aircraft engineer to ensure the most discrete, secure, and professional storage for your exotic car. Additionally, Motaz is an accomplished supercar enthusiast, with more than a decade of experience a successful motorsport team director and competition driver. During his tenure, he raced Corvette GT3 and GT4-specification race cars in the UAE GT Championship, securing the overall championship two years in a row. Who better to understand the intricate needs of your luxury vehicle than a fellow luxury vehicle owner?

Since opening its doors in 2012, Parc Fermé has been providing luxury and supercar owners with white glove storage, delivery, and other service offerings to motor enthusiasts throughout the greater MENA region and beyond. More than a storage facility, our global logistics offerings set us apart from other service providers. Whether you need to have a car relocated to Europe for a summer holiday, or you want to have your latest purchase shipped back home from elsewhere to the GCC, Parc Fermé operates a worldwide full logistics service. Your vehicle, no matter what it is, will be transported with utmost care and attention, delivered to its destination leaving you without a care in the world.

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Around the clock at Parc Fermé we never stop working for our clients – it’s why they trust us


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  • I've been very happy with the levels of service and professionalism offered by Parc Fermé. Responsiveness is excellent and they can't do enough to help. It's definitely worth the money.

    - Graham -

  • Thank you Mr. Motaz. Seriously, it's outstanding the way you guys handle and receive vehicles from clients – it's really professional and we'll definitely be doing more business together in the future.

    - Mr. Masih -

  • Parc Fermé took EXCELLENT care of my vehicle. They have truly top-notch customer service, outstanding people, and outstanding facilities. They are a joy to work with - very professional, responsive and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them.

    - Tom C. -

  • I used Parc Fermé last summer to protect my car from Dubai's punishing heat. The experience was absolutely first class from start to finish. They have a great facility and a team that has a true passion for cars. Highly recommend them.

    - RK -

  • For peace of mind and convenience Parc Fermé has been a great discovery for me. I have used the services of Motaz and his team to care for my car twice so far while working abroad during the Dubai summer months.

    - Liam Creaven -

  • The serenity I have while traveling knowing that my car is in professional caring hands is priceless. Thank you Parc Fermé.

    - B.G. -

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    To maintain the highest levels of security, Parc Fermé will only divulge location details upon confirmed appointments.

    Tel: +971 4 884 1116
    Mobile: +971 56 357 8940

      Book Your Appointment Today for

      To maintain the highest levels of security, Parc Fermé will only divulge location details upon confirmed appointments.

      Tel: +971 4 884 1116
      Mobile: +971 56 357 8940