Beyond Storage – A Health Check for Your Luxury Auto

May 1, 2019

When it comes time to store your vehicle, you need to know you’re leaving it in the best of hands. Whether you are heading out on a short business trip or an extended holiday, the professionals at Parc Fermé take auto storage to new levels of full service.

In fact, while we have your vehicle, we’ll care for it from front to back, interior to exterior, and everything in between. When you store your hypercar at our storage facility, you gain more than safe and secure storage, you’ll also receive a full health check for your auto.


The Parc Fermé Storage Facility

100% secure and discreet, we offer a state of the art storage facility that is fully enclosed, temperature controlled, humidity controlled, and pest controlled. This pristine environment is designed to protect your vehicle from the harmful elements to include debris, dust, sand, extreme weather conditions, pests, and rodents.

We treat each vehicle entrusted in our care as if it were our own prized possession. While your vehicle is left in our care, our automotive professionals go to great lengths to keep your luxury auto ready for the road.


Routine auto services include –

– Fluids check (brake, oil, transmission, etc.)

– Trickle battery charging

– Engine check (i.e. starting of the engine)

– Tire Cushions

– General maintenance


Additional Luxury Auto Services

In addition to our standard services, our staff is trained to work with classic cars, luxury autos, exotic cars, and hypercars. We understand the subtle nuances in caring for each make and model. Additionally, we work directly with several high-end manufacturers to ensure the ‘best practices’ are met to guarantee your vehicle in the best environment possible for optimal performance.

– Wheels and Tyres – The right wheels can make a huge difference to the overall look and appeal of any vehicle. Additionally, the right tyres can modernise a classic. Whether you seek a new set of tyres to upgrade your vehicle or your existing wheels have been damaged by wear and tear, we can help. At Parc Ferme, we provide an exceptional range of tyres that meet the highest standards and specific requirements of your luxury vehicle and supercars. Whether you drive on dunes, rocks, the open road or a track, we’ll find the right tyre for your vehicle. We’ll even fit them, balance your rims and align your tyres too.


– Paint, Bodywork and Detailing – At Parc Fermé, our team of auto engineers possess the expertise and experience to take care of every aspect of your car’s appearance. Whether you require a localised paint repair or full cosmetic overhauls and re-sprays, we have the tools and skills necessary to treat your luxury and exotic vehicles. Looking for a change? We can help with that too. Our full detailing programme applies the latest technology in paint protection, to prevent damage from ultraviolet rays, airborne sand, and dust.

– Vehicle Restoration – From vintage British sports cars to Italian exotica, we take pride in breathing new life into battered vehicles. When it comes to vehicle restoration, we leave no stone unturned or detail unchecked. From subtle to extreme modifications, we ensure every detail of your restoration is to the highest standard.

– Interior Detailing – Regardless of how clean your auto appears, dust and debris can collect over time. This is especially true if you don’t have time to clean your vehicle on your own. At Parc Fermé, our auto detailing professionals will ensure every detail of your auto interior is to the highest standard. Detailing services include vacuuming, brushing, scrubbing, shampooing, wiping and washing, leather care, and deodorizing (when applicable).


Parc Fermé Luxury Auto Experts

When it comes to storing, caring for, and preserving your luxury automobile, we take pride in treating your luxury auto as if it were our own. From maintaining the exterior of your vehicle to enhancing interior comfort, our services are designed to add to the longevity of your luxury vehicle.

At Parc Fermé, we offer several in-house detailing and maintenance options to our clients. Whether you want to drop your vehicle off for custom detailing or you’re leaving your auto in our storage warehouse, our team of professionals will ensure your car in tip-top shape from the inside out.


Contact us today to learn more about how custom detailing and interior storage can protect and restore your luxury auto.