Benefits of All Inclusive Auto Storage

September 23, 2017

Your vehicle is more than just an automobile. Your vehicle is an investment. Your vehicle is your pride and joy. It’s a luxurious ride to take you away from all of your worries and out onto to the open road. However, reality often sets in causing you to store your automobile. Whether you need to travel for a few weeks for business, a few months for business, are headed away on holiday or simply don’t want to store your auto at your home, the question remains: where should you store your luxury auto?


Parc Fermé: Luxury Auto Storage

At Parc Ferme, we provide professional, discreet, safe and secure auto storage for luxury, high performance, and classic cars. Whether you own a car or an entire collection of automobiles, we have the room and resources to protect your investment.

Our services go above and beyond simply storing your vehicle. Our white glove services are tailored to anticipate your every need so that when you are ready you can rev your engine and hit the road.

– High-End Storage Facility: There is no longer a need to worry as the heat and humidity when you store your vehicle at Parc Fermé. Unlike other car storage facilities, we carefully monitor and control ambient temperatures to protect your vehicle from the harsh climate of the Middle East.


– Security: An auto storage showroom is only as good as their security. Our facility offers round-the-clock security and surveillance to ensure your vehicle is protected and safe. You can rest assured knowing that your vehicle is in the best of hands. No individual is permitted to enter our storage spaces without written permission and an appointment.


– Maintenance: Safe and secure storage of your vehicle is just the start. We also offer maintenance services to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. From monthly car starts, car washes, and monthly vehicle reports to dedicated power supplies, battery charging, and individualized car insurance coverage, we are here to protect your vehicle.


– Engineering Facility: Our engineering facility is equipped to handle it all. Our in-house state-of-the-art hydraulic vehicle lift accommodates every vehicle, regardless of make or model. From the basics of fluid checks to complex engine repairs, and running gears we will care for your car from the inside out.


– Pick Up and Delivery: Unlike other auto storage facilities, who require you to drop your automobile to the site, we want to make storing your vehicle effortless. Our door-to-door pickup and collection and delivery service fit your busy schedule.


– Paint, Body and Detailing: From localized paint details to full cosmetic overhauls and re-sprays, our in-house team will make your car look exactly the way you want it! We can even temporarily change the color of your vehicle with the latest foils, wrapping your car in a new hue for a new look that simply washes off when you want to go back to your original color.


– Vehicle Restoration: From vintage British sports cars to Italian exotica, the scope and scale of our restoration abilities are endless. If you are a collector looking to restore your latest treasure, we can help!


When it comes to luxury auto storage, the experts at Parc Fermé offer a one-stop shop in Dubai for all of your luxury automobile needs. We offer several packages suited for short term and long term storage needs. So the next time you need to travel or if you just want to store your auto in a safe and secure location, give us a call. We’ll treat your car as if it was our own.