Benefits of Indoor Car Storage

December 12, 2017

Do you require storage for your luxury automobile? For many performance, classic and luxury car owners, finding adequate auto storage is a frustrating experience. On one hand, you have to leave your precious automobile behind while you travel. On the other hand, you may have to choose between sub-par storage facility options. It’s an often a daunting and unpleasant ordeal.

Luckily, with indoor luxury car storage, you can now leave your prized auto in the finest indoor auto storage facility in the UAE. At Parc Ferme, we treat your automobile as though it were our own, protecting your investment. When you come back, it’ll be ready to hit the road for your next big adventure!


Benefits of Indoor Auto Storage


There are many benefits to indoor automobile storage. Just like your luxury vehicle, quality and value reside in the details. Indoor auto storage offers:

–   Climate Controlled Space: Your vehicle will be stored indoors in a cool, dry environment. This ensures that your auto is impeccably clean and protected from the harsh wear and tear of the outdoor elements. No need to worry about your car while you are traveling!

–  Storage Maintenance: Whether it’s business or travel, there are times you simply have to embark on extended travel. When you trust the experts at Parc Ferme to store and care for your vehicle, our professionals care for all your maintenance needs. Our dedicated engineering facility is equipped to handle it all. From routine maintenance and oil changes to complex mechanical and electrical repairs, we ensure your auto is taken care of with discreet care.  

– Detailing Services: We offer in-house paint restoration and detailing services to make sure your luxury vehicle looks amazing when you are ready to take it for a ride. Inside and out, our team of professionals cares for every aspect of your vehicle’s appearance. Whether you place your car in storage for a week or year, you can rest assured it’s in the best of hands.


Exceptional Auto Service with Parc Ferme

The best auto storage facilities offer more than auto storage. They also offer a wide breadth of automobile services, white glove hand detailing and maintenance to ensure your vehicle is taken care of.

Not only do we offer a professional, discreet and secure facility to store your vehicle, we also offer a host of services to care for your auto year round. We provide you the ability to focus on your personal life and business affairs. Drop it off when you aren’t driving and pick it up when you’re ready to hit the road. We’ll take care of the rest!