Exterior Car Detailing: What You Need to Know

March 4, 2018

It takes a great deal of time and effort to care for and maintain your luxury automobile. The experts at ParcFerme offer white glove car detailing services to our clients, taking care of all of your auto’s needs.

While ParcFerme ensures your auto is in the best condition at all times, we also understand that part of the fun of owning a classic or performance vehicle lies in getting it ready for the open road. We thought we’d kick off the New Year with a few tips for those individuals looking to get hands-on with detailing their auto like a pro.


Why You Should Detail and How Often

Detailing provides the first line of defence when it comes to protecting your automobile from the harsh natural elements, like dust, sand and pollen. Without regular cleaning, treatment and conditioning, a car’s exterior and interior are predisposed to discolouration, cracking, marring and other damage caused by road debris, UV damage and other potential contaminants.

How often an auto requires detailing depends on a how often the vehicle is driven, the type of driving conditions it sees (such as sandstorms), and whether or not the auto spends long periods of time in the sun.

The automobile experts at ParcFerme recommend a weekly wash to keep dirt and pollen from burying itself beneath the clear coat. We also recommend a monthly wash and wax treatment to guarantee the shell of the car remains covered with a shiny, protective shield. While you can certainly wash and wax your car on your own, sealants and coatings are best left to the pros, and should be applied every year for ultimate protection.


What is Polishing?

Polishing is the act of using a very soft polishing disc on an air or battery-powered tool to heat-up the clear coat of paint on your vehicle. This helps to evenly distribute the polish across the car, filling in any scratches on the exterior of your vehicle.

Polishing is a simple process that begins with washing your vehicle. Before it dries, the detailer applies an even coat of compound to a specific area of the vehicle via the polishing disc. Polishing is best left to professionals, as slow, long, even movements are required for the best results. Follow the polish with a fresh coat of wax and admire the results!


Wax, Sealants and Coating

There are distinct differences between car wax, sealants, and coatings. Wax is pretty self-explanatory. All wax contains some type of natural wax-like substance. On the other hand, paint sealants are always wax-free, and they are typically produced from synthetic compounds. Sealants contain polymers as a substitute for the wax.

A coat is a harder permanent of a product that provides more protection when compared to a wax or sealant. A coat is typically resin or quartz-based, which provides a harder and thicker layer of protection. Unlike wax and sealants, which needs to be reapplied every few months, coats can last a year or two.

It’s important to note that while wax can be applied by a novice, both sealants and coats should be applied by a detailing professional. While all three options provide additional protection to your automobile’s exterior, the choice is ultimately up to the car’s owner.


Avoid Automatic Car Washes

You’ve placed a great deal of time, attention, and money into your luxury vehicle. You want to protect your investment so you can enjoy your vehicle for years to come. At all costs, avoid automatic car washes. While they appear safe and convenient, they can wreak havoc on the exterior of your vehicle. All it takes is one small piece of debris to scratch or damage your paint, ultimately costing you more down the road to repair any damage.

When it comes time to wash your vehicle, always wash it by hand. If you don’t have the time or simply don’t want to be bothered, bring your entrust your vehicle to the professional auto detailers at ParcFerme. We strive to be more than a luxury auto storage facility, offering in house detailing and service maintenance to keep your auto looking and running at full speed!


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