Parc Fermé – Beyond Storage for Your Luxury Auto

September 1, 2018

When it comes time to store your vehicle, you need to know you are leaving it in the best of hands. Whether you are heading out on a short business trip or an extended holiday, the professionals at Parc Fermé take auto storage to new levels of full service.


As Gulf Digest stated in a recent article, to refer to our offerings simply as a ‘car storage facility’ would be somewhat of an understatement. Rather, we offer an experience for auto enthusiasts that’s more along the lines of a luxury hotel and spa for cars. Complete with an on-site concierge to assist with travel arrangements and individual requests, our white glove service is designed to leave you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are leaving your luxury auto in the very best of hands.


The Parc Fermé Storage Facility

Completely discreet, our vehicle storage facility is 100% secure, and off limits to anyone other than the individuals who have contracted to store their vehicles with Parc Fermé. Additionally, our storage facility is fully enclosed, temperature controlled, humidity controlled, and pest controlled. This pristine environment is designed to protect your vehicle from the harmful elements to include dust, sand, debris, extreme weather conditions, rodents, and pests.


Standard Services

We treat each vehicle entrusted in our care as if it were our own prized possession. While your vehicle is left in our care, our automotive professionals go to great lengths to keep your luxury auto ready for the road. They take superb care to properly clean and detail your vehicle, maintaining its pristine condition. Additionally, while you’re away we’ll check the fluids, start the engine, and perform trickle battery charging and general maintenance to ensure it’s fully functional when you’re ready for a drive.


We understand that not all cars are the same! Our staff is trained to work with classic cars, luxury autos, exotic cars, and supercars. We understand the subtle nuances in caring for each make and model. Additionally, we work directly with several high-end manufacturers to ensure ‘best practices’ are met to guarantee your vehicle in the best environment possible for optimal performance.


Above and Beyond Car Storage

At Parc Fermé, we understand our clients require services that a traditional storage facility will not offer. We offer local and international auto pick up and delivery services to save you the time associated with bringing your vehicle into our facility. We can even arrange to travel by air. Additionally, our team will take care of your annual registration and insurance renewal. Essentially, if it’s a service you require for your vehicle, it’s a service we can provide.


Parc Fermé Luxury Vehicle Storage

Whether you need to store one vehicle or an entire collection of cars, the professionals at Parc Fermé have you covered. Professional, discreet, and totally secure, when you store your vehicle in our state of the art, temperature controlled facility, you can rest assured it is in the safest hands. From the front to the back, inside and out, we guarantee your vehicle will receive the loving attention and care it deserves while you are away. Contact a member of our team to learn more.