Show Your Luxury Auto Some Love with Parc Fermé White Glove Service

March 3, 2019

When you need professional, discreet, and secure storage for your luxury auto – you can count on the professionals at Parc Fermé. We take great pride in caring for your vehicle until you’re ready to hit the open road again. Our state of the art storage facility is equipped with the latest innovations in security and auto storage. Furthermore, our technicians take great pride in keeping your exotic car in pristine condition until you return.


In addition to our storage facility, Parc Fermé offers a wide variety of white glove services to ensure your vehicle is taken care of inside and out while it’s in our care. Even though Valentine’s Day may have passed, it’s not too late to show your auto some love with a little help from the professionals at Parc Fermé.


The Parc Fermé Storage Facility

Completely discreet, our vehicle storage facility is 100% secure, and off limits to anyone other than the individuals who have contracted to store their vehicles with Parc Fermé. Additionally, our storage facility is fully enclosed, temperature controlled, humidity controlled, and pest controlled. We’ve created the ideal environment to protect your vehicle from harmful elements to include dust, sand, debris, extreme weather conditions, rodents, and pests.


While in our care, we treat every vehicle as if it were our own prized possession. Our automotive professionals will properly clean and detail your vehicle, maintaining its pristine condition. Additionally, while you’re away we’ll start the engine, check the fluids, and perform trickle battery charging and general maintenance to ensure its fully functional when you’re ready for a drive.


Auto Shipping Services

We understand you don’t always have the time to drop off or pick up your vehicle. Our team is always on standby to pick up your vehicle for storage or to return it your chosen location upon your return.


Are you looking to have your car shipped to a new location? We can help with that too! Whether you need to have a car relocated to Europe for the summer months, or you want to have your latest purchase shipped back home from elsewhere to the GCC, worldwide full logistics services have got you covered. We work closely with several reputable aviation companies, including Emirates SkyCargo, to ensure your vehicle is in the best of hands during its journey from Point ! to Point B.


Engineering and Maintenance Services

Our onsite engineering facility is dedicated to ensuring your luxury auto is in top running order. We understand a luxury auto, exotic car, and supercars are not built like average vehicles. They require special maintenance and care. From routine maintenance to complex mechanical and electrical repairs, our team has the skills, knowledge, and experience to care for your vehicle.


Even if you are not planning on using our storage facility, our engineers are here to help you with any of your maintenance concerns. Additionally, Parc Fermé’s engineering facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art hydraulic vehicle lifts to accommodate even the lowest supercars.


Detailing and Bodywork

If you drive your vehicle it’s bound to start to show signs of wear and tear – but it doesn’t have to! At Parc Fermé we offer custom tailored detailing services to keep your exteriors and interiors looking as pristine as the day you purchased your vehicle.


Need a little help with a ‘door ding’ or a pesky scratch? From localized repairs to full cosmetic overhauls and re-sprays, our onsite body shop can assist with all of your paint and body work needs. We can even help you restore an antique gem to its former glory! From vintage British sports cars to Italian exotica, the scope and breadth of abilities displayed when a car is restored from the ground up in our facilities is breathtaking.


Parc Fermé Luxury Auto Experts

Your vehicle is a great investment. Moreover, it’s your pride and joy. When it comes to showing your luxury auto some love, you simply can’t go wrong with any of our white glove services. From maintaining the exterior of your vehicle and enhancing interior comfort to custom bodywork and maintenance, we are dedicated to ensuring the longevity of your supercars.

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