Protecting Your Investment With All Inclusive Auto Storage

December 21, 2017

You work hard. You have a busy life. Whether you constantly travel for work, head out for an extended holiday, or just don’t have the onsite space to store your luxury automobile properly, you require world-class auto storage. At Parc Fermé, we know auto storage. Our white glove, end-to-end auto storage facility covers everything you need for both short and long-term auto storage.

Your automobile is more than just a vehicle; it’s an investment. From classic cars and luxury automobile to top of the line race cars, we know the importance of protecting your investment. Yet from time to time, you require storage for your vehicle. We can help!


Parc Fermé: Luxury Auto Storage

Parc Fermé provides secure storage befitting your luxury automobile. Whether your car is a classic, high performance, luxury, or a collection of cars, Parc Fermé specializes in providing high-end services for high-end autos. Our team will protect your investment.

At Parc Fermé, our team of professionals goes above and beyond to care for your vehicle. We will exceed your expectations, anticipating every need for your vehicle. From routine maintenance to full scale detailing, when you’re ready to hit the road we guarantee your vehicle will be ready too!


All inclusive auto storage with Parc Fermé includes the following:

–   Temperature Controlled Auto Storage When you entrust your vehicle to our professionals, you can rest assured knowing your investment is in the ideal environment for luxury auto storage. Our large storage facility is temperature controlled for both humidity and heat. Unlike other vehicle storage facilities, we employ state of the art technology to carefully observe and control ambient temperatures to preserve your auto from the climate in the Middle East.

–   Secure Auto Storage An auto storage facility is only as good as their security. Our showroom offers the latest in innovative security solutions to provide round-the-clock security and surveillance. Only previously approved individuals are allowed to enter our storage facility. Our systems are designed to ensure your automobile is safe and secure.

–   Vehicle Maintenance – An extensive auto storage facility does more than store your vehicle for you. We offer maintenance services to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape and ready to hit the road when you return. We consider every detail, to include monthly car starts, car washes, monthly vehicle reports, battery charging, interior and exterior car detailing and much more.

–   Onsite Engineering Our storage facility includes an onsite, state of the art engineering facility complete with hydraulic vehicle lift. Our trained auto technicians have the knowledge and expertise in high-end performance vehicles to handle it all from basic fluid checks to complex engine repairs.

–   Pickup and Delivery We know you’re busy. You need a secure and reputable storage facility for your auto but just don’t have the time to drop your vehicle off or pick it back up. We want to make storing your vehicles effortless. Our door-to-door pickup and delivery service is designed to fit your busy schedule. We will literally handle everything from start to finish!

–   Exterior and Interior Detailing We know you need your car you prepared when you’re ready to get back on the open road. Our full detailing service packages are designed to return your vehicle to tip top shape. We can even apply the latest technologies in paint protection, to protect against damaging ultraviolet rays, dust, and sand.

–   Vehicle Restoration Services Our vehicle restoration team loves to breath new life into a classic vehicle. From vintage British sports cars to Italian exotica, the scope and breadth of abilities displayed when a car is restored to its former glory is nothing shy of breathtaking. As a collector of the fine things in life, we understand your love of vehicle restoration projects and revel in the chance to bring your vision to life.


When it comes to luxury auto storage, the experts at Parc Fermé offer one-stop service in Dubai for all of your high-end automobile needs. We offer several packages suited for short term and long term storage needs. So the next time you need to travel, or if you just want to store your auto in a safe and secure location, give us a call. We’ll care for your car as if it was our own.