The Benefits of Climate Controlled Luxury for Your Supercar

October 1, 2018

There are many reasons to consider renting a storage facility for your supercar. Perhaps you are headed out of time for a long holiday or business trip? Perhaps you simply don’t have enough room to store your collection of supercars in your garage? Regardless of the reason, whether it’s for a few weeks or for several months, climate controlled storage is the best solution for your supercar.


Protection from Extreme Temperatures

Luxury autos, exotic cars, classic cars, and supercars can’t simply be left in your driveway exposed to extreme temperatures and other natural elements. An indoor auto storage facility offers protection from extreme changes temperatures.


Leaving your car in the heat for even a short period of time can cause damage to your exterior paint, interior leathers, and even your engine. Indoor auto storage facilities are climate controlled to store your supercar at the ideal temperature to ensure pristine condition and optimal performance.


Additional Barrier from Dust, Debris, and Pests

Dust and sand can get into your engine, potentially causing extensive financial damage. Climate controlled storage facilities continuously circulate the air, which helps to maintain clean air, maintaining the most optimal storage conditions for your supercar


When it comes to auto storage, many individuals overlook the importance of air quality. Auto garages aren’t sealed the same way climate controlled storage facilities are. At Parc Fermé, our state of the art storage facility offers an insulated roof, walls, and floors. Unlike other storage options, when you entrust your supercar with our professionals, you do not have to worry about your car being exposed to dust, debris, or damaging pests.


Humidity Control

Climate controlled auto storage facilities also feature humidity control. While this may not seem that significant, the natural fluctuations in outdoor humidity can impact the performance of your supercar. This is particularly true with the changes of seasons. Our auto storage facility maintains a humidity of 55% by manually removing excess moisture from the air, which is ideal for the performance of your luxury auto.


Humidity control is extremely important for maintaining your supercar. If there’s too much moisture in the air it could cause your paint to warp or chip. Additionally, storage facilities with too much moisture can promote the growth of mildew.


Exceptional Auto Service with Parc Fermé

At Parc Fermé, we offer our clients more than auto storage. We also offer a wide breadth of automobile services, to include white glove hand detailing and maintenance to ensure your supercar is taken care of while you are away.


Whether you are heading out of town on a business trip or need a long-term auto storage solution, our auto professionals will treat your vehicle as if it were our own. Simply drop it off and pick it up when you’re ready to hit the road. In a rush? We can arrange to transport your vehicle to our storage facility and drop it back off to you when you return. Regardless of your auto storage needs, we are here to help.


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