The Benefits of Luxury Auto Detailing: Why Your Automobile Needs It

November 22, 2017

There’s a great deal of time and effort that goes into caring for your luxury automobile. From brake tests and oil changes to spark plug replacements, it’s hard to find time for auto detailing. Luckily, the experts at Parc ferme take care of all of these details and more to ensure that your auto is in pristine shape when you’re ready to remove it from storage for the open road!


You might be wondering if detailing your luxury auto is necessary or if it’s worth the added expense? The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘yes.’ While car detailing may appear to be a luxury to give your vehicle a little extra attention to detail, there’re many additional benefits to detailing your auto. Not only will your vehicle look fantastic, but also a custom detailing provides added benefits to protect your investment.


What Does Auto Detailing Include?

In its most basic form, auto detailing involves a meticulous cleaning of a vehicle with the intent of making it look as clean and pristine as possible. Auto detailing involves both the interior and the exterior of a vehicle.

While every car detailer has a unique approach, most of the steps included are similar across the board. The standard practice is to clean every square inch of the car, both inside and out. Auto detailing is a multi-step process. The exterior and interior clean up of a vehicle require their own steps.



Detailers spend much time cleaning the inside of a vehicle as they do the exterior. Even if you are the most meticulous car owner, dust and dirt will collect inside your vehicle over time. This is especially true if you don’t have time to clean the interior with a brush or vacuum yourself.

With a combination of steam cleaners, vacuums and brushes, an auto detailing professional will give your vehicle the deep clean it needs to maintain that “new auto” look.

Common auto detailing interior processes may include:

–   Vacuuming – Interior car detailing starts with the basics: a thorough vacuuming. All areas of the vehicle will receive a cleaning, including the trunk and glove compartment.

–  Brushing, scrubbing, and shampooing – This is where the deep clean begins. During this stage, the mats and upholstery will receive a meticulous brushing and scrubbing. The goal is to remove any stains and blemishes that a regular wash simply won’t lift.

–  Wiping and re-vacuuming – Next other surfaces, such as the dashboard, door panels, and windows will be cleaned. The detailer will wipe these areas with a cleaning agent to bring a new shine to your vehicle’s interior.

–  Leather care – detailers use non-chemical based leather revivals that not only add the required nutrients to the leather but also to its life and longevity.

–  Deodorizing – When necessary, the detailer will spray the inside of your vehicle to ensure it has a pleasing odor. These sprays often come in a variety of scents for you to choose from.



The first thing people notice when they look at your auto is the exterior. To ensure a vehicle looks pristine, auto detailers devote a great deal of time and effort to a vehicle’s body.

An auto detailer will also work to clean the wheels, windows, and rims of a vehicle to make sure they look their best. Over time, grease, dirt, and blemishes build up on your auto, but these unsightly marks will all disappear during the exterior stage of your car detailing.

Common auto detailing exterior processes may include:

–  Wash and dry – Exterior detailing often begins with a high-powered wash, followed by a meticulous hand washing with a mild soap and drying with a special hand towel.

–  Clay – Some auto detailers’ use a clay bar to remove any traces of overspray the initial wash didn’t remove (such as watermarks).

–  Polish – It’s normal for an auto to lose some of its natural shine over time, this is where polishing can help.

–  Seal – Lastly, the exterior detailing process concludes with an application of sealant. The sealant will provide your car with a glossy shine. In some cases, detailers may opt to apply wax to the surface of your vehicle.


When it comes to preserving your luxury automobile, you simply can’t go wrong with custom detailing. From maintaining the exterior of the vehicle and enhancing interior comfort to preserving the value of your vehicle, auto detailing is essential to the longevity of your vehicle.

At Parc Ferme, we offer several in-house detailing services to our clients. Whether you want to drop your vehicle off for custom detailing or are leaving your vehicle in our storage warehouse, our team of professional detailers will ensure your car in is tip-top shape from the inside out. Contact us today to learn more about how custom detailing and interior storage can protect and restore your luxury auto.