Tips for Maintaining Your Supercar

April 16, 2018

Hyper fast, sleek, and limited-edition, you’ve worked hard to acquire your supercars and luxury vehicles. Whether you own a single Lamborghini or a fleet of Ferraris and Aventadors, you need to protect your investment so you can enjoy it for years to come.


As a supercar owner, you are now part of an elite group of motorists that drive the very best cars on earth. But how strong is your knowledge of supercar maintenance and care? Not to worry, the luxury auto experts at Parc Fermé are here to share a few pointers.


Cleaning and Detailing


When you own a supercar, the last thing you are going to do is take it through an automatic car wash. The stories you hear about scratches and damage to body panels are enough to make an auto enthusiast cringe! When it comes time to clean and detail your supercar, it’s important to select a reputable detailing company. Not only should they have a sound reputation, but they should also possess extensive experience working with supercars.


When it comes to preserving your luxury automobile, you simply can’t go wrong with custom detailing. Over time, grease, dirt and blemishes build up in your supercar. From maintaining the exterior of your supercar to enhancing the interior comfort and preserving the value of your vehicle, auto detailing is essential to the longevity of your luxury vehicle. A professional automotive detailer has the knowledge, experience, and tools necessary to keep your supercar in pristine condition.


At Parc Ferme, we know that your supercar deserves the best! Our detailing experts use only the highest quality products to detail the luxury autos and supercars left in our care. We take great pride in knowing all of the products we use are created and tested by industry leaders and manufacturer approved.


Servicing and Maintenance


When you own a supercar, you can’t let just anyone work on it. At Parc Fermé, our capabilities and offerings go far beyond storing your supercar. Unlike other vehicle storage companies in the UAE, our facility includes an onsite engineering facility and white glove detailing services. Parc Fermé’s engineering facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art hydraulic vehicle lifts to accommodate even the lowest supercars.


We’re dedicated to performing everything from routine maintenance and complex mechanical repairs to electrical repairs to ensure that your supercar is ready to hit the road when you are! Best of all, if your supercar requires maintenance or servicing while it’s not in our care, we offer countrywide door-to-door collection and delivery services to ensure your needs are always met.


Security and Storage


A supercar is a hefty investment. You need to make sure your auto is safe and secure at all times. Storing your supercar in a luxury vehicle storage facility ensures that it’s 100% secure when you aren’t actively driving it.


Secure and discreet, Parc Ferme’s luxury vehicle storage facility is the perfect place to store your supercar. Our climate controlled, indoor storage facility is equipped with a state of the art security system. Additionally, no one is ever granted access to the auto storage facility unless they are requesting access to their personal vehicle. You can rest assured knowing you supercar is in the best of hands.


Whether you are looking for long term storage or short-term storage for a single auto or a collection of cars, we are up the the task. Our skilled technicians have years of combined experience working with supercars. Contact a member of our team to learn more about how the experts at Parc Fermé can help you with your luxury vehicle or supercar. We look forward to hearing from you!