Tips for Securing Safe Vehicle Storage in the UAE

August 28, 2017

If you are traveling out of the country on business, taking a weekend holiday, or simply require temporary storage for your vehicle until you are ready for your next joy ride, safe and reliable storage for your automobile is essential for protecting your investment for years to come. Regardless of the reason, if your car is going to sit around for a few days, weeks or months, you should take steps to store it properly. Otherwise, mechanical problems can arise from disuse.


Protect Your Classic and High-Value Car Investment

If you don’t have covered car storage at home for your luxury vehicle or classic car or you simply need the extra space in your garage for kids’ bikes, a boat or other items, a car storage facility provides the extra space and general maintenance you need. The first step in protecting your classic and high-value vehicle begins with selecting a secure and reputable storage facility. A reputable vehicle storage facility in the UAE provides extra large indoor storage space to protect your car from the natural elements. There are many benefits to enlisting a reputable car storage facility in Dubai to store and maintain your vehicle, to include:


–  Protection from natural elements: Car storage offers your vehicle protection from the weather and other natural elements, to include heat, humidity, and dust. The last thing you want is for your vehicle to be damaged in a storm or from the normal wear and tear of heat and dust. Indoor storage ensures that the paint and body of your vehicle are in pristine condition, regardless of the weather conditions outside!

–  Security: Reputable car storage facilities ensure that only car owners are permitted in the storage area. This helps to avoid any unnecessary damage, and ultimately theft, to your car. When selecting your vehicle storage facility to be sure to check whether the company provides around the clock security, to include surveillance and guards/gatekeepers. Any reputable vehicle car storage facility should be well equipped with surveillance or security cameras. Additionally, the facility should guarantee discretion by maintaining the security of your personal information and details about your vehicle.

–  Temperature controlled environment: For both long-term and short-term vehicle storage, having temperature and humidity control in your unit will minimize moisture, which can help to prevent damage to the engine, and avoid the acceleration of rust and corrosion to the car body. This is particularly important during seasons when the temperature conditions are extreme.

–  Accessibility: Depending on how frequently and at what times you are likely to need access to your vehicle, standard weekday access may or may not be enough for you. Not every storage facility offers access 24/7, so it’s a good idea to research the accessibility conditions offered by different care storage facilities in the UAE before making your final choice. Find out if their business hours fit your schedule, and if on-demand access is possible. After all, you should be able to take your car for a spin any time you want to.

–  Maintaining the overall condition of your vehicle: Proper vehicle maintenance requires more than just storing your car. A high-end vehicle storage facility will care for your car from the inside out, fully protecting your investment. General maintenance, such as oil changes, exterior washing, and interior detailing should also be a top priority.


When it comes time to secure short-term, medium or long-term storage care for your vehicle, just stick to the tips above and you will be able to rest assured knowing that your car is safe, secure, and ready for your next joy ride! As the premier vehicle storage facility in the UAE,  the experts at Parc Ferme are always on standby to discuss your vehicle storage needs.