Tips for Storing Your Vehicle While on Vacation

September 5, 2017

Your vacation is all planned. You’ve made all the arrangements and preparations. You have booked your airfare and made hotel reservations. You know where you are going and what you will be doing. In fact, you’ve got everything set down to the smallest detail, with the exception of what you are going to do with your luxury vehicle while you are gone. Not to worry, we’ve got a few tips on how to store your car while away on that well-deserved vacation!


Keep it Inside

Whether you are going away for a few days, a few weeks, or for an extended holiday, always keep your car in a temperature controlled garage or storage facility. Even in the best-built garage you still run the risk of damage caused by rodents. Set traps around your car to deter pesky creatures from nesting in your vehicle or from chewing hoses while you are away.


Preparing Your Vehicle for Storage

– Clean your vehicle: First and foremost, clean your vehicle. While it may seem redundant to wash your car if you will not be driving it, when left to sit for extended periods of time, bird droppings and water stains can damage the paint and bodywork of your vehicle.


– Top off the fluids: Be sure to change the oil and oil filter to avoid the damaging impact of potentially harmful containments left from used oil remaining in the engine. Fill up the gas tank and add a fuel stabilizer to prevent damaging moisture and ethanol buildup in the gas tank.


– Keep the battery charged: Most modern vehicles include computer systems that require tiny quantities of battery power. Even when the car is not running your computer is running. Unfortunately, these computers can swiftly empty a fully charged battery during prolonged storage. Consider purchasing a battery charger that connects to an outlet in the wall. This external power source will keep your battery from draining out while you are away and allows the computer to retain all of its memory for your return.


Air in the tires:  After a relaxing holiday, the last thing you want is to come home to flat tires. Long term vehicle storage can cause flat spots on your tires. Before heading out, ensure your tires are inflated to the proper specifications.


Returning Home

When you arrive home and are ready to start driving again, start by removing the external battery charger and check under the hood for any indication of a potential problem. Be sure to check your tire pressures and fluid levels, to ensure everything is just as you left it. We also recommend testing your brakes and taking a short test-drive to make sure everything is in good working order. If something seems wrong, get it evaluated by a professional and repaired immediately.


At Parc ferme, we understand that your luxury vehicle is an investment and you need to protect your asset. We also understand that your time is valuable and you simply may not have time to take all of the proper precautions to properly store your vehicle while you head off on your much deserved holiday. Our indoor UAE vehicle storage facility provides a safe, secure, temperature controlled environment to protect your luxury vehicle. Our professional technicians will maintain your vehicle with the same care and attention to detail they would provide for their own personal vehicle. Contact us today to explore vehicle storage options that will leave you resting assured on your next big vacation getaway!